Sony HX5 - low light video

Is the HX5 video performance bad in low light? Let´s find out.

ISO 400 1/2 second NO TRIPOD!


Sony HX5v User Impressions

10-04-29 14:12

Over the past year, I have traded away a ZS3, sold an SX200, returned an SX210 (yes, the big news for today), and also returned a Samsung HZ30W. And the camera I'm actually keeping in this segment is the Sony HX5. Let me give you some thoughts about each of these cameras:

Sony HX5 - Video

Short breakdown of my tests so far.
  • The simple 720p mode records roughly in the high 80% of the maximum possible resolution.

    original video screen grab (full size 720x1280)
    To better compare the quality as you see them on the big screen TV all clips have been resized with maximum quality to full HD resolution.


Sony HX5 - Screen Protector

Here you see a shot with the unprotected screen. I wish Sony would get rid of the high gloss screen and we all would go back to non glossy screens for notebooks and cameras (as the most HD tv´s are doing so already)

I had another screen protector foil laying around what I used on a 3.5" pocket PC and it worked quite well on my MIO 168 but the result on the Sony HX5 screen was less then satisfactory.


Sony HX5 - Flash

I read in a forum post that the HX5 would have some problems in throttling down the flash output.
So lets check the truth.

8 cm (3") distance no zoom

that is nearly as close as you can get and the flash did not blow out the white parts, the colors are right on target.



HELP WANTED test your EXMOR against a CCD in low light video

10-4-19 15:45
I need your help in analysing a problem I stumbled over.
Well to be honest other people did the stumbling over , I just like to get to the bottom of it.


If I may play Devil´s Advocate

10-04-15 21:16
forum post for this entry also look here

For everybody who is not familiar with the meaning of the headline, you slip in the role of your opposite and argue from his point of view.

So far I have been quite impressed with the Sony Hx5. All the pictures, videos, information from users and reviews.
Every time something was a bit not so right I have looked for a solution or if no solution was possible for an excuse why this feature was not so important for me.

... if you already have a HX5 you might want to read no further ...