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Pictures, Videos and Links of the SONY HX5v

If you want to compare the HX5 with the NEX5, some first impressions
Digital Photography Tutorial Index
You want all the bells and whistles from the HX5 but a much better picture quality? No problem take a look at the Sony NEX-5 (want also more knobs and dials how about the NEX-7)
Sony inside: Teardown of the Casio Exilim EX-FH100
HX5 gets scorched by H.Paul Moon: Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala
Miniatur Wunderland HX5 video in low light
Gordon from Camera Labs updated his HX5 review with comparison HHT and AMB vs. P mode. Well done Gordon!

10-4-16 Abu´s Fotoshop: Panasonic TZ10 290 Euro - Sony HX5V 295 Euro - Samsung HZ35W 255 Euro
And so it begins: A hybrid camera is used to shoot a TV episode.
Practical, Real Life with the HX5v
Mountainbiking at Hurstwood Behold the power of the active mode stabilisation.

Sony HX5V low light video full HD setting x10 zoom
Mason Light saber shot on a Sony DSC-HX5V indoors
Brian did a good low light video test and shows how to get a brighter video.
If you ever wondered what good is 10 fps for, here is your answer.
Sony DSC-HX5V ($350) vs Sony HDR-FX1000E ($3500) day video comparison
Nikon D90 vs Sony Hx5 day and night video
HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots good demonstration of the active mode
German Amazon customer reviews
At Gordon´s forum you will find a lot of information from Mike who made the Sony DSC HX5v vs Panasonic DMC TZ10 / ZS7 Video Tests (see below)
Random HX5 shots
Sony DSC-HX5 iso test
There is an informative thread at Steve´s forum about the HX5
Justin did a high ISO / HHT comparison
There is an interesting new feature where you can link your twitbook to my blog. Check it out by clicking on the f icon on top of the visitors list on the right column.

Lazlo is doing requests with his new HX5 and has already some good info
Some people write the HX5 takes horrible fotos where the detail is smudged.
Look here and here to see
the original fotos. Still think the HX5 can not capture fine detail?

Sony DSC HX5v vs Panasonic DMC TZ10 / ZS7 Video Tests
you can easy adjust the HX5 video to make it brighter, but you can not fix blown out highlights or blown out buildings from the TZ10 video. Discuss YOUR findings here.

User comparison Canon SX210 vs Sony HX5V
HX5 in concert: Foto & Video
Not sure if the TX7 might be better for you and Tom Hoots did not convince you? How about this TX7 review
Behold - The power of Active Mode day and night
(sounds like a shampoo commercial)
and here is how he did it

If you are looking to cover the backside of your HX5 and you don´t like my SMM idea (SMM link to ebay seller on my HX1 blog)
Why your eyes and the camera see things differently.
Filming in darkness with Sony DSC-HX5V in the City of Malmö
I did a little show and tell regarding HHT
Tom compares the HX5 vs. LX3 vs. S90 picture quality, more here

HX5V his first picture (gorgeous picture of a pussy)
If you want to get an idea what is going on in your camera,here is a cute little clip.
There seems to be a problem with barrel distortion and macro refocusing in the video mode.

Imaging Resource came finally out with the HX5V review and it is actually from someone who understood that you should use the HX5 special modes to your advantage and he points out where the strong points of the HX5 are. The review also points out the shortcomings in comparison to the other cameras in a correct manner.
The only error I spotted so far is the remark about the GPS not indicating a lock, what I read in another comparison TZ10 vs HX5 also. On page 105 in the GB manual (download below) it is explained that there are 9 different indicators what show the exact status.
If you are in DEUTSCHLAND, Sony gives you a free 16 GB SD card when you buy the HX5 or any other Sony.
HX5V video night ride
(watch in 1080 and see how smooth the video is shot from a moving car)

HX5V video Japan at night (watch in 1080)
Some teaser for the new Sony HX5V
HX5V = GPS -
HX5/HX5C =
HX5C no TransferJet
HX5CA PUT = non working HX5

Get the HX5V handbook
I have no idea why Imaging Resource and DCResource who both have the HX5 and put the first shots on their page weeks ago need so long to come up with the reviews
A good explanation how the GPS behaves.
Do yourself a favor and check out DonalDuc´s TX7 fotos, then compare the picture quality with Tom Hoots HX5V and the TX7 shots and you will have a pretty good idea what the HX5 is capable of in a hand of a photographer.
Tom Hoots has some comparison shots between the HX5V and the TX7.
Chinese HX5 review
Hisashi Hermitage easy drinking diet precipitation Sony DSC-HX5V (switch to 1080p)
SONY HX5 vs Panasonic TZ7 sound test
HX5V on Flickr
HX5 active mode video
Imaging Resource has lots of shots (ISO, outdoor, indoor) to compare side by side the HX5V, TX7, TX5 and Panasonic ZS7
Samsung TL350 with 1080p, full auto, RAW, shoot 10 MP pictures while shooting video etc, but only 5x zoom... this sure is the year of exiting specs
SONY Japan has now 6 samples on their website
DCResource has the first few test shots

SONY TX5 a waterproof reduced features TX7 for $349 and for people who just look for the price and the most Megapixel a 14 MP version of the HX5 without all the fancy stuff called H55 for $249.
DCFever has some HX5 test shots.
Digital Camera Info has a TX7 review and compares to the T900, TL225 and S90
A Japanese TX7 review with impressive pictures
A Japanese comparison between the HX5 and the TX7
Check out Robin Chunk´s review of the TX7.
imaging-resource has the first test lab samples from the HX5
The first short preview with a preproduction HX5V is out! With picture, ISO and video samples. In Spanish and the Google translation into English
If you want to compare, here is a preproduction preview of the Panasonic TZ10

After reviewing all the pictures I found so far on the net, here some thoughts about that experience.
Some of the pictures look distorted and with loss of much detail looked at them in 100%.
The distortion is easy explained, after moving from a good wide angle (28 mm) what already showed some distortions, the new 25 mm wide angel has a hard time in the corners not do distort, also wit all extreme wide angle lenses, you have falling lines (buildings are not 100% vertical any more when outside of the center).
If you go into a camera shop and get a wide angle converter for your p&s camera and then look at the results it will be in that same ball park.
If you have a good DSLR and get a good 25 mm wide angle how much will that cost you?
The less zoom you have to engineer into a lens the better the result will be.
Let´s see if the contenders have a better lens and processing engine, there might be marginally differences, but you can only put so much quality into a tiny camera if you have to meet a certain price range.

Some pictures out of my HX1 loose also lots of detail on far away objects.
And doing some comparison it does not look much better with all the super zooms and mega zooms.

Even the entry level DSLRs with their cheap zoom lenses do not do a much better job.

Look here for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 / FZ35 vs. Canon PowerShot SX20 IS vs. Canon EOS 450D / Rebel XSi
and here for Canon PowerShot S90 vs. Canon PowerShot G11 vs. Canon EOS 450D / XSi
and here for Canon PowerShot SX1 IS vs SX10 IS vs EOS 450D / XSi and here for Sony Cyber-shot -HX1 vs Canon SX1 IS vs EOS 450D / XSi and here Panasonic TZ7 / ZS3 vs Canon 100IS / SD780IS vs Fuji F60fd Resolution and here for Nikon COOLPIX S570 vs Canon IXUS 120 IS / SD940 IS vs IXUS 200 IS / SD980 IS and finally lets compare these here with the Olympus E-P2 vs Nikon D90.

Puts things into perspective, does it not?

With everything HD these days, the time where you would print out your shots are long gone for mainstream.
These days people watch their fotos on the monitor (mostly 720) or on the HD TV (between 720 and 1080) or via a projector (SVGA up to 1080)
The media centers are mostly used to view the pictures on the big screens with resolution max 1080.
If you have a 10 mp picture and you want to zoom in with Windows Media Center it looks horrible because microsoft just multiplies the original screen resolution (like digital zoom).
So even if we shoot 10 or 14 mp, we watch between 0.5 and 2 mp on the big screens.
And to be honest, most pictures look quite good that way, no matter what camera.

If you want to view your pictures in the full resolution the best media center I found was XBMC. Awesome free program and zooms into the picture the way it should be.
So in conclusion with the way you look at your pictures the imperfection of the camera might be of not much concern and it is more important to have the features you want and the size you need if you want to carry the camera often with you.


The first short preview from quesabesde.com with a preproduction HX5V is out! With picture, ISO and 4 video (only in 1440x1080 AVC HD) samples. In Spanish and the Google translation into English

quesabesde.com also has a video where Iker Morán shows the HX5 in action. I clocked the processing speed of the 10 pictures per second processing and it looks like the HX5 is up to 20% faster than my HX1 when I clocked her parallel.
The sweep panorama works apparently very well with eradicating the ghosting of moving objects. Limitations are very fast moving and very close to the lens moving objects.
Also the range of the sweep panorama is extended.
My SONY HX1 has 170 degrees as a limit while the HX5V nearly shoots 3/4 of a 360 degree panorama.
See the train station panorama at quesabesde.com

While the panorama shots are very bad quality wise (remember preproduction) the extended range and the anti ghosting is a terrific improvement. With just 2 shots you can shoot a 360 degree panorama.

Now let´s have a look at the preproduction sample pictures.
The corner softness test

For me these corners look pretty good regarding sharpness
Original here.

I can not complain about the ISO test either, it looks pretty acceptable to me.
I compiled from their ISO shots an easy to compare sheet

all pictures can be downloaded in original quality direct at quesabesde.com
keep in mind it is preproduction (so it should only get better).
Also remember when you are in a dark spot and need ISO above 400 you have 2 modes what make an ISO 3200 look like an ISO 600.

If you look at the top of the wide angle shot (2 pictures with 25mm and 250mm) the 4 crosses look very well defined, in fact the only fault I can find is a touch of a corner softness in the right lower corner.
I am also quite happy with the result of the 250mm shot.

Looking at all the sample pictures I am confirmed in my assumptions that this is a terrific camera SONY will bring out in March.
There are some over processed pictures like the 2 guys behind the blackboard but this would have been improved with the twilight mode.

The videos are as Iker Morán mentions comparable to a mid class HD camcorder and if you check the SONY website you will find only one higher bit rate above the HX5 top video mode to get a bit better picture you will also see, that the top of the line cameras have the new active mode steady shot. The video where Iker records while riding a bike is also quite impressive.

What´s up with that GPS thingy?
How fast is it and will it eat my battery?
same with every gps
depends on the location (open land or downtown New York)
the weather (clear sky or heavy clouds)

first initialisation or if you established a lock before

if you have an old or modern chipset

worst case over 5 minutes if you move even more
after initialisation much faster, if you shooting on location several shots - instantly

If you leave it on permanently your battery life will be shortened noticeably.

Let´s have some fun an let me take you to a short trip to Spain.

If you do not have a picture viewer what speaks GPS go and download the newest FastStone Image Viewer.

If you do not have google earth installed, do it now
download the picture with the shawls
open it in faststone
enter key for full screen
move mouse into the right side of the screen
EXIF pops out and on the bottom you see the GPS coordinates
click on the google earth icon
this will bring you to the spot where the image was taken
if not activated, activate Street View and in Gallery activate 360Cities
click on the red 360 icon labeled Sangrada C
enjoy exploring

here are some AVC HD FH quality videos from the TX7
and here is a screen capture I did in full resolution

looks pretty good to me

(screen shot from the HX5 at the CES)
you can see nicely the 10 times more effective ACTive image stabilisation mode what can be activated in video and foto mode.
(The TX7 does not have this mode because of a too confined space of the lens array.)
I am really looking forward to mount the camera on my Spidermax, ride around the mountains and see it on the big screen...

A TX7 ISO comparison
Expect the images of the HX5 to be of a bit better quality sharpness wise. The ultra slim cameras always suffer from not so stellar quality optics because of too tiny lens arrays.

dear SONY, I corrected your lens problem (as seen on your press phantom above) can we have some picture samples now?

Want to twist and turn her around? Here you can!

More pictures:
here ,
test video
(I have some reservations that a HX5 actually left the SONY booth and shot this video)



SONY HX5V, think of it like an elephant sat on a HX1 and compacted it into the size even smaller than the Panasonic TZ7, then the good wizzzard of SONY even enhance the terrific features from the HX1 to some degrees more.
We have better video (1080 50 i or 60 i and a HD codec that even older computers can play without stuttering)
We have better sweep panorama (no more ghosting the way it looks in the SONY promo video)
YES - Hell froze over! You can now use SD Cards.
We have HDR
We have better stabilisation (the lens element moves now 10 times more to keep the picture steady)
We have a GPS and with google you view your foto like they do in street view (now take a panorama and dive into it).

Weights and Measurements
Dimensions: W x H x D: 102.9 x 57.7 x 28.9 mm = 4 1/8" x 2 3/8" x 1 3/16"
Weight with battery and Memory Stick media: 200 g = 7.1 oz.
Compare with the Panasonic TZ7 / ZS3
Dimensions 103 x 60 x 33 mm = 4.1" x 2.4" x 1.3"
Weight (inc. batteries) 229 g (8.1 oz)

While googeling for news about the HX5 I found some interesting question here.
copy below

Hx5 Discussions (5)Hx5 News and Gossip.

What do you think - will Hx5 grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Hx5 stack up against the competition?
How to get a job at Hx5.

Do you work at Hx5? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
Hx5 Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Hx5? What do you like best about working at Hx5? Are...
What's the company culture at Hx5?

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Hx5? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...
Hx5 Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...


  1. do you have any information on its manual functions? I mean does it support aperture priority/ shutter priority mode or manual focus?

  2. for me its way to realy to make any statements as above done.

    the production model wont differ from the Pre one its been like that for a longtime with Sony.

    one of the sales arguments was the stunning panorama mode what do you say about the pano mode it is ??

  3. realy should read early

  4. http://www.dpreview.com/news/1002/10021801sonytx5h55.asp

  5. "buildings are not 100% vertical any more when outside of the center"
    Tall buildings, when near and looked from street level, are like the sides of a straight road going into the horizon. They are parallel in reality, but should not look parallel on a 2D projection (picture): they should converge towards a point (infinity).

  6. Waiting for your review so much!

  7. I will have this camera the next monday (March 15).. if you want some test, I will be glad to make somes..

  8. I've got the Hx5v yesterday and it makes incredible picture. The only thing I don't like is the opsition of the mics.. always under a finger..

    but in generel, I like it!

  9. I had one overnighted to me , and I hate the wind noise on compacts anyway, so i glued a piece of black mic foam over the mic holes. it filters wind, has perfect sound , and it helps remind me not to put my finger over it. even if finger is on it , will not seal it off completely, thanks to the foam!
    here the pics from yesterday. i know, its not pretty but it works

  10. I made the link to pics in my name so just click on my name...

  11. lee, just find a small piece of plastic to cover the foam and you are all set

  12. is their a link to a downloadable, full-size jpg from the HX5V (preferably) or a TX7 at iso 800 of a stationary subject that is known to be in Handheld Twilight Mode? I have read raves of HHT but all shots that I have seen are small.

  13. Swingline look http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1009&thread=34881011
    I have the full size pictures there in the album

  14. HX5V bought in EU, is restricted to record 29 min 50 sec / videoclip, is there a patch/ bios upgrade available to remove this irritating restriction?


  15. The DCResource review was awful! I have this camera and the pics look great. I use handheld twilight for all indoor and night shots and the pics are very clear and no washed out colors in high ISO shots.

    I have no idea what this guy is talking about.

  16. well to talk "Dollhouse" here, he was not at his best, but on the other side photographyblog is pretty accurate in his test

  17. My video is not showing up on my memory card. It will play back on the camera but is not on the card when I put it in the reader. Any thoughts?
    I bought the HX5V last week and am happy with the stills.


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