Sony HX5 - Panorama Mode

2010-5-4 16.16
Start with my HX1 post: I can show you the world

Now that you have some basic understanding, let´s see what the HX5 can do.
You have 4 sizes to shoot panoramas:
2 landscape and 2 portrait sizes

my favorite mode is portrait large

5 x 2 k pixel gives you a nice 10 MP picture
This is like having a 180 degree fisheye lens all time with you!

landscape large

7 x 1 k pixel gives you a 7 MP picture

And here is where you have to watch out.
The two panoramas above have not too much difference in brightness but the one below is not easy to shoot.
I was aiming for the two girls in the left corner, but the bright outside totally blew out and the mood of the shot was totally not captured.

ISO 1600 1/30 sec

Locking the exposure towards the bright doors gives you an actual feel of the place.
In post processing you can brighten the dark areas a bit so they are easier to see.

ISO 400 1/100 sec

There is a 4 step difference between the shots.
If the last one is a bit too dark for your taste, try to expose not fully into the bright, but take a little bit more dark areas into the measuring field.
As with all fotos you take, if in doubt take a few more with different settings and decide at home what to keep.

Limitations of the panorama mode
If you have a regular pattern over a wide area there will be stitching problems.

If you stand too close to an object, it will be distorted (think fish eye lens) like the rail or street.

If you have too many moving, or too fast moving objects, there still will be mutilating, ghosting and distortion of the objects.

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