Sony HX5 - advanced Image manipulation

2010-5-28 15.13

I guess by now a few of you have read my post under Tips and Tricks how with the free Faststone Image Viewer it is easy and fast to improve your fotos.

I would like to take you a step further today.
The main problem with a lot of pictures it the things that lurk lost in the shadow.
How to enhance these hidden parts without messing up the picture.

Let´s get a copy of LightBox Free Image Editor and I show you how you can easy and fast get results like this.

Download the before foto from below and open in LightBox.


Sony HX5 - HDR mode

2010-5-27 23.28

When I took these 3 shots to see how good HDR would work out, I noticed that the HDR mode takes brilliance and contrast away.
I love that blue sky in HDR mode but the little stone wall on the left, what happened to the contrast?

If you want to get the most range out of your HDR shot, aim to the brightest area and lock the exposure (half press the shutter and hold) and then frame what you want to capture.



Sony HX5 - Battery test

2010-5-26 15.15

How long does the HX5 battery last?

How much faster will the activated GPS drain the battery?

Let´s find out.

We start with a freshly charged battery,
The display is set to bright, GPS is off.
The test cycle is:


Sony HX5 - Macro Zoom

2010-5-21 16.16

To get close to an object you just leave the camera on wide angle  and this is the closest you can get, right?
Let´s find out.

25 mm no zoom


Sony HX5 - Audio

I had the pleasure to video a rehearsal for a concert and was not too happy with the dynamic of the sound and clever as I was I left my new wind filter at home. The active mode image stabilisation worked very well with the 10 x zoom and holding the camera still for several minutes.


Sony HX5 - Street Shooting

2010-5-6 21.14

Welcome to the fascinating world of Street Photography. There are different techniques from big equipment in your face photography to the hidden spycam approach. To get an idea, read here, here and here. You are also welcome to see my approach to street shooting with the HX1

self portrait in my usual street shooting position.

In a time where most people are highly sensitive of photography and you get into trouble just snapping some shots of buildings I think it is the easiest way to just be casual and unobtrusive.

The camera on the left sure would get you into trouble these days.
(was thinking of Stephen McDonald´s HX1 gun when I took this shot)


Sony HX5 - Mode Comparison

So what is the difference between the scene modes and IAuto, P and HDR?

High Iso


SONY Cyber-shot DSC HX5V on the web

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Pictures, Videos and Links of the SONY HX5v

If you want to compare the HX5 with the NEX5, some first impressions
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Gordon from Camera Labs updated his HX5 review with comparison HHT and AMB vs. P mode. Well done Gordon!


Sony HX5 - Panorama Mode

2010-5-4 16.16
Start with my HX1 post: I can show you the world

Now that you have some basic understanding, let´s see what the HX5 can do.
You have 4 sizes to shoot panoramas:
2 landscape and 2 portrait sizes

my favorite mode is portrait large

5 x 2 k pixel gives you a nice 10 MP picture
This is like having a 180 degree fisheye lens all time with you!


Sony HX5 - Pluto explains the Super Magic Mirror

2010-5-1 11.11

Well, sure it protects the screen when closed but what else can it do?

use it as a tripod to shoot upwards