Sony HX5 - Photo Samples

2010-6-8 10.7

Here you will find fotos who impressed me, straight out of the camera.
Due to the 1600 pixel limitation of Picasa (the way Blogger saves the images), I will upload the original fotos to Image Shack. The link will be below the fotos.
If I post a crop, it will be lossless so you can see the original quality.
No post processing will be done on any picture if not stated.

4 kids on a float in traditional cloth
original here
I tried several time to improve the picture above, but even a slight sharpening takes away from the mood the picture is setting. For my taste this came out perfect.


Sony HX5 vs Sony HX1

2010-6-1 17.10
The battle of the Xes

macro close up both in AI mode, the HX5 (always the left picture) used the macro sweet spot at 2.4 x.
The sweet spot from the HX1 is 1.5 x, what does not give you more magnification on the contrary to the HX5 but gives you some more distance from the object what otherwise nearly would touch the lens (see more details on my HX1 blog also with the skeleton watch close ups).
The crops are lossless, that means you see the original quality.
As you can see the HX5 has a wider depth of field (DOF).
Cameras were sitting on the table.