Sony HX5 - Photo Samples

2010-6-8 10.7

Here you will find fotos who impressed me, straight out of the camera.
Due to the 1600 pixel limitation of Picasa (the way Blogger saves the images), I will upload the original fotos to Image Shack. The link will be below the fotos.
If I post a crop, it will be lossless so you can see the original quality.
No post processing will be done on any picture if not stated.

4 kids on a float in traditional cloth
original here
I tried several time to improve the picture above, but even a slight sharpening takes away from the mood the picture is setting. For my taste this came out perfect.

HX5 sweet spot macro (2,4 x) with forced flash 100% crop.
(the red mesh is a mosquito screen measured less than 1 mm between the fields)

Original here
Slightly sharpened and recompressed.from 3.7 to 1.6 MB

go to the forum post and click on: (Original) above the fotos.

same object, but with forced flash

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