HX5v Reviews

2010-7-30 1.44
cd watch Japan with a google translated review

dpreview has travel zoom group test

EOSHD take on the HX5 part 1 part 2

Luminous Landscape reviews the HX5

dc watch Japan HX5VB review with lots of samples

digitalkamera.de HX5v review in German and translated in English

Photographybay has a short review of the HX5

HX5V Chasing the Cherry Blossom a Japanese review

dkamera has the first German HX5Vreviewtranslation

all the way from AustraliaHX5V review

DCResource also tried to review the HX5V, sadly Jeff did not understand the Exmor sensor at all

Trusted Reviews has also a HX5V review

DC Watch Japan has a HX5V review with comparison active mode vs steady shot

Camera Labs brings you a HX5V review all the way from New Zealand.

Imaging Resource with the HX5V review

The first HX5V review comes from quesabesde. In Spanish and the Google translation into English

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