Sony HX5 - Screen Protector

Here you see a shot with the unprotected screen. I wish Sony would get rid of the high gloss screen and we all would go back to non glossy screens for notebooks and cameras (as the most HD tv´s are doing so already)

I had another screen protector foil laying around what I used on a 3.5" pocket PC and it worked quite well on my MIO 168 but the result on the Sony HX5 screen was less then satisfactory.

I cut the foil though it would just cover the visible screen so I had additional screen real estate to stick on the SMM, but removed it after seeing this result.

I was happy with the screen protector I found for my HX1 (see HX1 blog)
I put the same SMM screen protector on the 2.7" screen of my Ricoh R6 (ancestor of the Ricoh CX3), Since the HX5 will replace the R6 I just removed the screen from the R6.
The glue strips stayed on the R6 and were easily removed without any damage to the screen.
Double sided sticky tape (for carpet etc.) was then used to put a new stripe around the frame from the Super Magic Mirror (ah - the Chinese and their names...)

The sun is slightly to the left and mostly on top of me, so now you see why I like the SMM

as you can see, it is not too thick, and still pocketable

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  1. Where do you get the Super Magic Mirror? I haven't been able to find it.


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