Sony HX5 - Snap Shots

Since a few days something is different when I leave the house.
I have a hard bulge in my front pocket. When I see something exiting, I love to get my hand into my pocket and get the object of my desire out to play with it.
The result are moments frozen in time, some I find worth suspending on magnetic containment.
oh my, don´t you have a wicked mind...

Shots are resized and might be post processed to give you an idea what I saw when I took them.

I finally tracked down the Yodeling Stick Insect from the Garden of Five Surprises - click for full size

10x, crop, color and sharpness adjusted

after the rain
focus spot, slow sync flash, shot with super macro and an stretched arm to reach, then  cropped, 50% resized, sharpening +10

let´s race

Wide angle of Trufa (rescued from the pound)

shiny colors

not only the Scots wear skirts, there is also a part in the north of our island where that seems to be a tradition. But I guess no man would wear this outfit in normal life or there would be all kinds of incidents, since you not always have your 2 bodyguards with you...
Oh, and I asked the 3 boys about the underwear thing, and all 3 assured me that, YES. Makes sense for me too, since they have not the little bag in front to keep the wind from blowing it all the way up like the people have who are wearing a kilt.

unfortunately there comes a time when even sex does not sell anymore.

oh what a pig she is... we are so ashamed

yah man authentic from Africa! - What do you mean: printed in China???

still no takers -  I guess doubling the original price and then slashing it on a big banner in half did not work ...

dreaming of one last voyage

bring more tourists...

Went for a little walk and got inspired by this scene. In pp (post processing) after removing the color by 40% it started to look like an old timey foto, so I added a frame around to make it look even more so.

This little fellow looked just right to be framed.

waiting for hungry humans

Coming back from my Sunday flea market visit I found these guys having fun at a super market.
In every shot just one figure was slightly turned.

don´t kick the baby

party at the Spiderman family - or - got your nose

The funny thing with quick snap shots is that at home you see what your really all captured. So on a closer inspection of the Spiderman dance group I got a flashback into the Steven Seagal part of the onion movie.

here the originals (just resized) you see the potential you have with some post processing


sparkle sparkle little tw... uh car

no, Toto - you are not in LaLa Land

deutsches Bäckerhandwerk

no, we are not a third world country, see all the first world prices we have for everything.

you are never too old for a fancy sports car. (this one came with a beefcake driver on the side)

blind woman offering lottery tickets
In Spain, the lottery is a huge phenomenon. They offer one of the biggest lotteries in the world, and it’s known by citizens as “El Gordo” (“The Fat One”). Prizes, although split up among multiple winners, have reached in excess of two-billion Euros. Proceeds from the lottery go to helping everything from local sports teams to hospitals. In 2004 alone, it was estimated that the Spanish Finance Ministry would make 750 million Euros from the national lottery.
There are lottery kiosks or people just sitting anywhere in the streets. Many of the attendants are blind or otherwise disabled, and this serves as a way to provide them with meaningful employment.

the next meal

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