10 fps at the racetrack

We had some dirt road racing this weekend on the island and I always wanted to do some action shots of fast moving objects to see how well the HX5 is doing.
Shot with 10 fps, sports mode or P mode for a more dramatic blur (see exif).

Since the viewfinder does not refresh the image once you start shooting, you have to develop a feeling how to move the camera with the fast moving object. Worked for me - after a couple too slow pans in the beginning.
I just prefocused on the area where I wanted to take the shot and then held the shutter button halfway down until the vehicle appeared, then panned and pressed the shutter button down.
The recovery time is 16 seconds what was no problem since the time between the vehicles was long enough to let the dust settle again.

All cropped, resized and mostly max sharpness added in faststone viewer (see tips and tricks).

After I took the shot above from a 3 meter distance the HX5 and I got coated so badly in dust that we both decided that we needed a good cleaning. It was the shower for me and window cleaner for the lens and the whole camera.
I use window cleaner for dirty lenses since many years with no ill effect - when the dirt is too much to just blow off, like spray of sea water or too much dust...

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