SONY HX5v Speculations

Questions and soon hopefully the answers
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1. I wonder what this button does

At my Canons a similar button releases the ring around the lens end exposes a connector for a lens adapter. Just imagine a 2x tele converter...

Twisting the SONY HX5 around virtually, I think I can confirm that the top part from the lens ring can come off.

So much for my guess work, as Tom Hoots confirmed, the protrusion is not a button, does not move and does nothing

2. I have not seen any mentioning of color, sharpness etc. settings
There aren´t any.
The only thing you can do is Unsharp masking in Playback Retouch
Sharpens the image within a chosen frame.
1 Select the area (frame) of the desired image to retouch with the control button MENU.
2 [OK] t z
• Depending on the image, sufficient correction may not be applied and the image quality may deteriorate

3. The party shot seems not compatible with the SONY HX5V, the connector I see on the bottom of the SONY WX1 and SONY TX1 is different to the one from the SONY HX5 and they both have no HDMI output.

4. The silver or so color looks different on every website. The German SONY website indicates a champagne color but shows a silver picture from the HX5V (see screen capture above). Sony Japan offers black or gold but shows silver camera.

It is silver

5. SONY, I want the 360 degree panorama head clip-on from the Bloggie MHS-PM5K for the HX5 pretty please. Look at this and this and tell me that is not amazing. Who ever was in a 360 degree cinema like in Disney World knows how breathtaking the experience is, and now with a less than $200 video camera, multi monitor software and a few cheap projectors you can have that at home ... WOW.

dream on - boy


  1. There is Lens Adapter, (and same lenses and filters) for similar new model Sony H55


    but still not for HX5

    look for ACCESSORIES here:

  2. I've bought HX5v, and I worry about lack of 3:2 ratio. Do You think, there is any possibility of changing bios in this camera in the future? I don't know the market of cameras, so I'm intrested if it is often behaviour of producers to make new bioses for the devices they have already realised? Or maybe such a new bioses are made by fans of product?

  3. you need to buy a canon for that, sony does not have that option.
    BUT a simple crop can be your friend here.


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