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2010-5-28 15.13

I guess by now a few of you have read my post under Tips and Tricks how with the free Faststone Image Viewer it is easy and fast to improve your fotos.

I would like to take you a step further today.
The main problem with a lot of pictures it the things that lurk lost in the shadow.
How to enhance these hidden parts without messing up the picture.

Let´s get a copy of LightBox Free Image Editor and I show you how you can easy and fast get results like this.

Download the before foto from below and open in LightBox.

Move the Smart Fill Light slider in the 60 area
Check Add Contrast
Move the Saturation slider into + but stay below 10
Move the Backlight slider into + but stay below 10
Zoom to 100%
On the right side click Sharpen 3 times
Confirm Apply Changes
At the bottom click < twice and look how the fabric detail in the sail vanishes also look at our little pirate. Now click twice > you are now back to the 3 times sharpening.
Choose you favorite setting.
At the bottom click Original Image
Flip between Current Image and Original Image and see where the image has changed.
Save the image.

With this little tool the things who were lost in the shadow before are now easy to recover from you.
And yes, you can do much more with it...

The name of the program changed to SageLight and you find it here.
If you want to read a bit more, here is a nice blog about the program.
The creator also has a YouTube Channel where you can get it explained first hand!

Want to play with some more free tools? Why not check out Gizmo´s Best Free Digital Image Editors

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