Sony HX5 Super Macro Close-up

Every year this fellow stops over at our place for a short visit

same species, taken summer 2008 with a 7 MP Ricoh R6

I originally posted this picture on my HX9V blog, but I think a copy belongs here.
I got a little jumping spider visiting me, so out with the HX5, super macro activated and snap - got him.
While checking the result, he wanted to have a look too. I called him Bart because of the spiky hair (now I have to find a Homer somewhere).
... and that is why I enjoy the little camera so much, always handy and a set of great features like in this case a 20 x magnifier.
You can see Bart in his original size sitting on the edge of my screen and a picture of him in 10MP original size (cropped) on the the screen
on my 15" screen this is pretty much original size
and that it the original resolution from the Sony HX5 - image slightly sharpened

This little guy is shorter as 2 segments of your little finger. Shot from 5 cm with 2.4x super macro and forced flash.
Image is original size, cropped, color and sharpness adjusted.

This was shot with a stretched out arm and 2.4x super macro, focus set to spot.
original size crop (1600x1600) color, gamma, saturation and sharpness adjusted.

All pictures taken at Super Macro (2.4 x zoom) and from 5 cm (2")  distance with forced flash. Original size crops. Contrast, saturation and sharpness have been have been changed.

The cat food is less than 1 cm (2/5") in diameter.

Just when I published this post, I got a visitor to check on my work. So I had to take another shot to share this with you. Also 2.4 x but not as close as the other pictures and the washed out screen (forced flash) was recovered with LightBox see my post here.
what happens if I step on that button?

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